What We Do


From corporate communications to products & services, people need to connect to the message.

We'll create the connection.

Stories entertain, educate & inspire. A lot goes into bringing one story to life, We'll take you from script writing through post-production.


Before anything comes to you life, it starts with

your vision. 

As you tell it, we see it come to life. 

You know your message, we'll help take it from your head, to paper, to life.


Knowing where to research & making the right connections,

delivers the

right location

at the right time. 

The search for the right talent to fit within your job and culture is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Candidates who connect with your message, engage faster and stay longer.

We'll get to your story, bring it to life and help you create a strategy on where to tell it.


Over 20 years matching talent to roles. Let us find the right person to bring your story to life and deliver your message.


Stories surround us, they speak to us and move us to take action.

An employee's passion can turn into a company's brand.

A bold move inspires a revolution.

An emotional connection promotes product.

Everyone's journey is unique. Every story creates power.


With over 25 years of uncovering stories

 and bringing ideas into life, let's chat.


President l Owner  

Little Drummer Productions, llc